“Stuart’s commercial acting class was critical in getting me prepared for my commercial auditions and provided invaluable information and tips to allow for me to have much more confidence at castings! The extensive on-camera work in Stuart’s class along with his direct and constructive instruction combined with real world experience create the perfect instructional synthesis for anyone wanting to take their commercial acting to the next level!”

Chad W. Pinther

“The Commercial Workshop was excellent! You can’t beat the immediate feedback and instruction to improve your skills and master your craft. I received valuable information that I can apply to commercial AND theatrical auditions. Thanks Stuart”

Bruce Miles

“Stuart makes me think about things in a way I’ve never been taught before. He’s very approachable and willing to answer your questions. His class is awesome and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to my next audition!”

Marla Kalin

“Denver Actors: you owe it to yourself to take a workshop with Stuart Stone!  You will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from taking a workshop or class with him.  I’ve been fortunate to train with some of the very best in the industry, and Stuart is among those individuals.  The Denver community is better off having Stuart in our midst.”

Jennifer D. Roberson

“This class was so empowering, Stuart was honest with critiquing with heart of equipping you to improve on your skills or gain new skills.  I now feel that I am skilled enough to do an audition with confidence.
Thank you Stuart for taking the time to help others to advance in their career.”

Emjae Tatum

“Stuarts Classes are the best and lot of fun.,After attending one of his classes as a growing actor i feel so lucky to have learnt  on how to make an impression during auditions which is the most vital part in my acting career growth.I now feel very well equipped to face my auditions with confidence. Thank you!”

Silas Mwenda

“I have taken many of the top Commercial classes in LA and this is the first class Where I booked while still in the class using the techniques taught. At my audition I was in the room with the other actor and we switched roles and they did EXACTLY what Stuart said they would do(Stuart knows his stuff). I stood there and smiled, knowing this one was mine. Besides that he is a very funny and knowledgeable person, I left the class ready for the world. A must take workshop!!!!”

Willie Macc

“I took a workshop with Stuart and his advice has been so helpful. He gives impeccable tweaks that make any working actor work even more. The day after first meeting and working with him I had a callback for a commercial and BOOKED it. He really helps you master the dialogue in a commercial scene.”

Emily Robinson

“Stuart is a compassionate and caring teacher who focuses on the individual and provides each student the skills and tools to stand out and book the job. His direction is clear and concise and he takes time with each student to make sure they understand and can implement direction – exactly what an actor needs to master in a commercial audition. And I can attest to that – after three classes with Stuart I BOOKED a national commercial!”

Ailish Riggs

“Stuart’s workshop is the real deal. He teaches you the skills to conquer any audition. I highly recommend his workshop to those looking to improve themselves. I even signed with an agent after the workshop. Thank you Stuart!”

Jenn D.

“I am so glad I took this class! Stuart increased my awareness of how I was presenting myself throughout the entire audition process–both before entering the room and on camera. He is a straightforward and honest teacher, and his ability to zero in on what is holding someone back from booking really shook me out of my old habits. And I saw the results: two weeks later, I BOOKED my first commercial!”

Julia Addis

“He shared the insight of over 30 years of experience both behind and in front of the camera! I felt inspired and challenged in a fun, positive and friendly environment! It is great workshop for any commercial actor, experienced or new to the industry. I wish I could take his workshop indefinitely!”

Jeanne Carr

“Stuart does a great job at helping improve each individual actor on their weaknesses and strengths…”

Des Epps

“Stuart gives honest genuine feedback of each actors individual strengths and weaknesses, so that you’re putting your best foot forward at every audition; and with a small class size, you are able to get a lot of individual attention.”

Ken Gayton

“If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, this is not the class for you. If you want to grow and be teachable, Stuart will guide you so no one outperforms you in an audition. You will leave the class with a better understanding of what casting directors are looking for so you can nail your audition!”

Leah Adler

“I have BOOKED a film that I am excited about.  The tools I learned in Stuart’s class were very instrumental in helping book this film.Stuart’s Class was very enjoyable. Stuart delivers, he tells it like it is. You know exactly where you are and what you need to improve. He doesn’t give up until you get it! The tools and techniques we were given in class have been very helpful. Stuart validated and embraced me as an actor. I would recommend his class to anyone wishing to further their acting career”

Evelyn White

“An invaluable opportunity to see how one of the Top/Busiest Casting Directors perceives you in audition. Be redirected to your best bookable self and then get to see the process and performance on video. It has forever changed how I will audition.”

John K. Wheaton

“Just wanted to say how much you have touched me simply by your teaching. I dont think I have ever felt sad when someone’s class ends, (and in many ways beginning), yet for some reason I feel like we were all family to each other and I dont know why. You have truly touched me by your truthful points of view about not only this industry but about everything you talk so honestly about.”

Michelle Tanenbaum

“I BOOKED a job from working with Stuart before my last class. Stuart has a way to zero in on your personality and develop your strengths to help you book jobs. I have taken several other workshops but this was by far one of the best!!!”

Carolyn Quant

“Stuart’s commercial acting class points you to the path of success in commercial acting. Concise feedback to on-camera auditioning techniques & cue card reading; precise comments on your particular quirks that might prevent you from getting the job; you just can’t find a better commercial auditioning class in the LA area.”

Todd Johnson

“I BOOKED my first national commercial before the workshop was even over! Stuart will instantly discern what it is that’s holding you back from booking and will work with you until you overcome it.”

Max Bunzel

“I wanted to let you know that I BOOKED! Just like you said I would. A Target commercial for Justin Timberlake’s new CD.”

Mandi Mellon

“I have learned more about acting and how to audition in the four short weeks than any other class I have been to. Stuart Stone’s Commercial Workshop is absolutely amazing, I didn’t want it to end! But when it did, I knew I was equipped with the knowledge of what to expect, and how to book a commercial and have became more confident because of this workshop. Stuart is straight forward, honest & a great man to be around, and I wouldn’t trade the time spent for anything.”