Commercial Workshop 2020

Commercial Workshop

February 29th, 2020
Denver, Colorado

Stuart has taught this class in Hollywood California and around the country and his classes are recommended by agents, managers, theatrical coaches, industry professionals and past students as the leading class for actors of all levels to learn how to book TV commercials.

For over 2 decades as a commercial casting Stuart knows what it takes for actors to book jobs, Stuart focuses on sharing his inside knowledge with direct individual feedback providing you the techniques and skills to become a professionally trained working commercial actor.

Stuart’s proven techniques from behind the camera gives actors the edge over their competition in this highly competitive market. Whether you are new to acting or experienced, this class advances your on-camera commercial acting skills.

Kids and Adults

Our Commercial Workshops are recommended by Agents, Managers, Theatrical coaches, Industry professional and past students as the leading  workshop for actors of all levels to learn how to book TV commercials.

Stuart’s Commercial Workshops are designed to give you the leading edge to become a successfully working actor.

Each class has course material and most importantly, you will be working on camera all day. On camera work is at the core of these workshops.

Benefits of working with Stuart:

  • Stuart has a broad spectrum of techniques with an approach to teaching that any actor with any level of experience can benefit from.
  • The actor can take their commercial career in their own hands and feel empowered to go in the room with the audition and come out of the room with the job.
  • Develops YOUR TYPE and helps you showcase the many facets of your personality.
  • Teaches you how to effectively breakdown copy
  • Provides confidence to the actor on how to compete and succeed in the competitive commercial world.
  • All of Stuarts classes at taught in an actual casting/photography studio. It’s as real as it gets.
Stuart Stone Workshops

Workshop Agenda:

  • Understanding the Acting Market
    • LA
    • NY
    • Colorado
  • Living local, acting nationally
  • Cue Cards and how to use them
  • Beats, tones and Rhythms (it’s not just in music)
  • The Perfect Headshot
  • Identifying your “Type”
  • Slating techniques
  • Connecting with the camera
  • Your face in action
    • Your facial expressions and what they are saying to the viewer
    • Are you sending out what you think you are
  • Emotion and expression work
  • Understanding the players and their roles
  • Understanding what “They” are looking for to book a job
    • Ad Agencies
    • Directors
    • Producers
  • Social media marketing for actors
    • When and how to use it
    • Best applications
    • Finding your targets
  • Agents and managers – understanding their role in your career